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AHRMM Advertising Sales
Nick Schuette

Email  / (312) 673-4974

Dedicated Emails

$4,000 per email

Send a custom HTML email to more than 2,200+ AHRMM provider members and track your results with detailed reporting.  Inventory sells quickly and there are only two opportunities available per month. Reserve your issue date(s) today.

To view Dedicated Email guidelines, click the expand button to the right.

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Email Guidelines

  • Please submit materials at least 10 business days prior to send date to April Gascon at [email protected] (AHRMM will confirm final send date).
  • Emails are subject to AHRMM approval. Inventory is limited to two emails per month.
  • Requested send date.
  • A 45-character subject line, an email-ready HTML file (600 px wide) with all assets, images, and links embedded.
  • Acceptable image formats are JPG, PNG, or static GIF.
  • No JavaScript or any other forms of active content (forms, flash, dynamic ads) are allowed.
  • No background or layer images as they may not be supported by some email providers.

Sponsored Content Disclaimer

Please note, AHRMM will include information adherent to CAN-SPAM guidelines and prominently display the following disclaimer at the bottom of each email: 

“You’re receiving this message because you are a subscriber to AHRMM media. Periodically, we will inform our subscribers of special offers from connections in the field. AHRMM does not support or endorse connections, products or services.” 

Scheduling, Testing and Deployment

  • Scheduling is conducted on a first-come, first-served basis and AHRMM will make all reasonable efforts to accommodate requests for specific send dates.
  • If no subject line is provided by the deadline, AHRMM will use the following: “A Message from AHRMM Partner: [Insert Company Name]”.
  • The “From” field will be displayed as “AHRMM Sponsored Content”.
  • AHRMM staff will forward a test email to the advertiser no less than one day before the scheduled delivery date.
  • Advertiser must provide written approval via email before AHRMM will send the email. 

White Papers

$7,500 each

Host your white paper, report, case study, or other educational content on a dedicated page on the AHRMM Knowledge Center for three months. Your content will also be promoted via one dedicated email and in two issues of AHRMM eNews. 

White paper Benefits include:

  • Full white paper tagged with three to five searchable topic tags for SEO optimization.
  • Sponsor’s logo with a hyperlink pointing to the company website on the white paper page in the Knowledge Center.
  • AHRMM promotion in one dedicated marketing email sent on a mutually agreed upon date to approximately 5,000 AHRMM members and prospects and two eNews sent to approximately 3,200 AHRMM members.
  • Opportunity to provide an opt-in link for the white paper web page in the Knowledge Center to collect leads.
  • A web and email traffic report will be provided approximately two weeks after the completion of the campaign.

To view White Paper guidelines, click the expand button to the right.

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White Paper Guidelines

  • White paper must be fully educational in nature. Content deemed “promotional” will not be accepted.
  • White paper must include three learning objectives, 250-word abstract and a one-sentence teaser.
  • White paper copy (2,400 words max), up to 250-word abstract in PDF format, up to 45-character subject line and a company logo in a high-resolution JPG or EPS.
  • Sponsoring company must have legal rights to any images supplied.
  • AHRMM has full editing rights, as well as right of refusal on all content deemed inappropriate.
  • Sponsor must submit a pre-formatted HTML file for the dedicated marketing email benefit. Content and format must also adhere to AHRMM’s guidelines (see page 6).
  • Sponsor may promote white paper via a link to AHRMM’s website.


$7,500 per webinar

 AHRMM webinars continue to be an optimal lead generation opportunity for marketers and a top source of information for our audience. Take part in the AHRMM Partner Insights webinar series to promote your own content. Enlist your organization’s subject-matter experts to demonstrate thought leadership and provide valuable content to position your company as a trusted authority to a captive audience of health care supply chain leaders. 

Webinar Benefits Include


  • Logo recognition on all marketing and social media promotions.

During webinar  

  • 60-minute time slot (45-minute session and 10 to 15-minute Q&A). 


  • Access to the list of registered attendee information, including emails and titles (opt-ins only). 
  • Performance metrics.  
  • Webinar available on-demand in the AHRMM Knowledge Center for 12 months.

To view Webinar guidelines, click the expand button to the right.

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Webinar Guidelines

  • Topic, presenter(s), description and learning objectives to be approved by AHRMM at least ten weeks in advance of the scheduled webinar.
  • Webinar must include three learning objectives, 250- word abstract and a one-sentence teaser. 
  • Content must be fully educational in nature and noncommercial, delivering best practices, case studies, resources and/or solutions.
  • Sponsor submits presentation slides using the AHRMM PowerPoint template; company logos are permitted on the title and thank you slide.
  • Sponsor/speakers will submit a draft of the PowerPoint presentation to be approved by AHRMM three weeks before the scheduled event.
  • AHRMM has full editing rights, as well as right of refusal on all content deemed inappropriate.
  • Sponsor may promote the webinar and the on-demand recording on their own website directing registrants to the AHRMM registration link. Sponsor may use the original recording for internal purposes only.

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